Capri is beauty and myth in a intertwining hug that, becoming an emblem of absolute charm. Its natural beauty is undeniable and as old as the island itself.

Capri is beauty and myth in a intertwining hug that, becoming an emblem of absolute charm. Its natural beauty is undeniable and as old as the island itself.

The evocative and mysterious cliffs such as the Tiberius jump, the powerful and luminous limestone rocks of Mount Solaro, its nature still largely intact, the blue of its sea, of the solitary bays and of the Blue Grotto is sublime.

Also admirable are the historical sites such as the Certosa, the archaeological excavations of "Villa Jovis" and the residences such as "Villa Lysis" and "Villa San Michele" in Anacapri.

Biologically it features an exclusivity, the Faraglioni lizard: an endemic subspecies present only on two of the three Faraglioni, completely blue.

You usually dock in Marina Grande and reach the city center by funicular. Here is the flagship of the island: Piazza Umberto I, better known as “Capri’s square”: it is the living room of the city. At a short distance are the Gardens of Augustus, with the many statues that pay homage to artists and poets linked to the island; the view admired from those terraces goes from the Bay of Marina Piccola to Via Krupp, up to the Faraglioni, three rock peaks that rise from the sea a few meters from the coast.

An atmosphere of greater tranquility and privacy fuels the historic center of Anacapri, a place where it is still possible to stroll calmly through quiet geraniums and bougainvillea’ colored streets. 

From Piazza Vittoria you can reach Monte Solaro by chairlift: it is undoubtedly a fantastic experience in the nature, suspended up to 500 meters high.

About 3 km south-west of Anacapri is the Punta Carena lighthouse (second largest in Italy for lighting power) standing out on the tip of the bay.

The best time to appreciate its magic is at sunset, when the sun sets over the sea and the fishermen pull down their boats for night fishing.

The Sentiero dei Fortini starts from the Punta Carena lighthouse. It’s a path that runs along the sea up to the Blue Grotto, between rock promontories and bays as deep as fjords with turquoise waters. On the way there are the three forts that once used to defend Capri: Orrico, Pino and Mesola.

How to get around

  • Fast ships, hydrofoils and ferries of various companies depart from Sorrento. The journey takes 20 minutes by hydrofoil, 30 by fast boat and 40 minutes by ferry.
  • From Marina Grande to the Piazzetta: funicular departures every 15 minutes (4 minutes journey)
  • From Marina Grande to Anacapri: direct bus 25 minutes or funicular + bus
  • From Capri to Anacapri: 15 minutes bus ride
  • From Capri to Marina Piccola by bus: 10 minutes
  • To the Blue Grotto: boat from Marina Grande or bus from Anacapri
  • From Anacapri to the Blue Grotto by bus: 20 minutes
  • From Marina Piccola to Anacapri by bus: 25 minutes
  • From Anacapri to the Punta Carena lighthouse by bus: 20 minutes


Our concierge is at your disposal for:

  • organize a boat trip
  • Private or semi-private tours are available with swimming and snorkeling opportunity, or group tours including about 4 hours of stop on the island allowing you to go around the island and admire the coast as well. During summer, wearing sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen is recommended.